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Live Event San Diego County Library. 

 Saturday, September 28, 2:00 PM , 157 Stevens Ave, Solana Beach, Ca 92075 858-755-1404 

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The Future of Money

Cryptocurrency is here to stay love it or hate it. So why not learn about this ever changing ecosystem and how you can profit form Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?   Mountain Crypto host Shane Ripley as seen on YouTube at

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Mountain Crypto Down Home Style

There are many jumping in and out of the Crypto educational and information business. Some selling and promoting scams and lame projects just for the money. Many are using fake names like, Bitcoin/Crypto "insert any first name here",  yet many are a good source of information but the adult language is not suitable for children. With our down home style our YouTube Videos and live presentations you can feel comfortable joining in from beginner to experienced.


Live Events and Presentations

Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency presentations and meetups in San Diego County and Southern California. Topics include, "Bitcoin/Crypto Basics 101",  "What is the Blockchain?", "Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency for your Business",  "Beginner Bitcoin/Crypto Investing", or customized topics.

Bitcoin/Crypto for your Business

Should your Business accept Cryptocurrency? There are many options for crypto in your business. We discuss several benefits beyond just another payment option.

Basic Bitcoin/Crypto Investing

I'm not a financial adviser or an investing guru. However, we can go over some basic investment ideas. Additionally, you can track our Coinbase-pro investment on Telegram:  https://t.me/mountancrypto 

XYO Co-Founder Markus Levin

XYO Network Co-Founder Markus Levin. A look into XYO Network located in San Diego Ca


Bitcoin and cryptocurrency basic, also a look at how the blockchain works, we look at ways to hold cryptocurrency and suggest ways to be safe. Then a basic way to buy the top crypto coins.

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